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What do we do NOW?!

Sorry for the late post! Honestly, it's been weird adjusting to our new "Normal". At this point, I hope you have had a chance to watch our latest video,......if not, "What are you waiting for?! Get going! " Lol. So, assuming you have now watched our latest you will see we are staying where we are for a little while until things start to flatten out in California. Since our plan was to explore as much of the Pacific Coastline as possible before we head into Mexican waters and California covers over 840 miles of that coastline, we knew we will need to hit pause on our travels and instead shift gears (yet again) and start working on other projects. I can't complain, we have so much to be grateful for. The county we are currently in as of right now has 4 confirmed COVID-19 cases and hasn't seen an increase in the last week. We are seeing Washington State and Oregon State numbers starting to level off. California on the otherhand has been seeing an uptick in cases and isn't showing a sign of

slowing. Until that happens, we need to resolve that this is our new normal. So, what does that mean for us and our channel? Well, in a way nothing since we are still working on projects improving our sailboat, but at the same time, we won't be traveling for a while. As much as I am sad about that, I am telling myself we are where we need to be. Everyday should be thought of as a blessing. I have my whole world with me and we are all healthy and happy. Are there hardships? Of course! Is this affecting our lifestyle? Yes! Are we lucky? Yes!

Now that that is out of the way, let's get to our projects. Teal starts digging around see what we have onboard and found we have a lot to keep him occupied for a long time. We are trying to not have to go out and get supplies and work with what we have onboard. It's the whole reason behind social distancing right? We also plan on working outside every chance we get. Spring weather has been very volatile. One minute it's raining, then it's hailing and windy, and suddenly the sun comes out. We can't keep up! So far, I have a long list of what I would like for him to accomplish inside and am also keeping busy doing my own projects. My main focus during this time is find a home for everything onboard. I want Teal to have his own personal space for all his tools, Emma to have room for her art supplies and all other preteen stuff, and myself to know exactly where everything is so I can easily locate them. It's kind of funny how Teal and Emma can never find anything, but they can ask me and I somehow know where its at. Long term, this will save us so much time and aggravation for finding items onboard. Especially in an emergency, you want to be able to grab what you need and have confidence it's there. I like to tackle our organisation method the same way I do with our pantry. Knowing where things are and doing a periodic inventory keeps a very tidy home and boat. I like to personally look at Teal's tools now and again to make sure he has backup blades, drill bits, and assorted spares for his daily boat maintenance. This way, it saves us an extra trip into town and higher prices. I like to price compare everything onboard. This is alo why I like to make covers for everything. UV is your worst enemy even in this higher latitude so it is so important to protect yourself and your equipment. So, yes we are stationary right now and will make the best out of a not so great situation. Are we discouraged? Not in the least, life was meant for obstacles and hardships. It's our job to find a way to overcome them and look for the positives. My job is to remember to enjoy what life throws at us no matter what. So,.....let's get to work!

Another HUGE thanks to all the first responders and healthcare providers. They are the TRUE heroes and we are so grateful to them. Stay safe and healthy and we will see you guys this Friday!

XO Linh

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Apr 07, 2020

I am the lawyer representing Compass “chuckG” on YouTube. Living in LA area, you guys are in a great spot. If you don’t have covid 19 and stay in your own “bubble “ you can’t get it. Unfortunately I am in the at risk senior group so staying in place. So many people screaming constitutional rights to go outside and infect others. Well despite freedom of speech the Supreme Court, a long time ago, said no one had a right to scream FIRE in a crowded theater. No different now, we have restrictions. Won’t last forever. In the meantime pass to Compass: woof woof ark bark growl urrrg woof. It’s code but we have to protect attorney client privilege. He’…

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