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We love producing our videos and sharing our life onboard.  With every video we put out for your enjoyment, we are learning and improving our editing skills.  This means we are constantly upgrading our cameras, mics and everything else involved to be able to tell a story. With your support, we can continue to document our adventures. All of our content on our social platforms are free and it is thanks to you that stays that way. There are many ways for you to support us and it doesn't cost you a dime!

Social Media – Join in on the conversation through our Facebook, Subscribe to our Channel and follow us on our Instagram so we know you’re with us.

Share – Sharing is the ultimate social love.  Share our posts and videos by email, pin it, post it on facebook, twitter or whatever virtual corner of the internet you hang out at.

Leave Comments – There is nothing is worse than feeling like you are speaking to an empty room.  The comment section on our videos is the perfect place for words of encouragement, asking simple questions, letting us know if we missed an important point or just chiming in with your thoughts, experiences and stories.  The internet can be a harsh environment, your words of encouragement seriously keep our spirits up.

Watch -  Watching our videos and not clicking pass the ads! By not bypassing the ads, the revenue they pay us is small, but it helps us in continuing to provide you with free content. 

These videos takes a lot of time and effort and we LOVE making them for you! If you would like do more to help us continue producing our videos, you can contribute by making a donation or tip through our PayPal or becoming a Patron on Patreon. These platforms allow us to create and upload our content for your entertainment.  


Thank you for supporting our PRODUCTION!


Ways to Show your Thanks!

Enjoy our videos? Want to give us a virtual high-five 🙌? Treat us to glass of rosé 🍷 or whiskey on the rocks 🥃? Or pitch in on a tank of fuel ⛽? Click on our PayPal tip jar and we will be sure to give a toast to you!

Join the Crew!

Become a Patron! You decide how much you want to pledge per video and you can set a monthly maximum so you are always within your budget. We love our crew and give up to date information on what we are doing as well as extras when we have a challenge.  You are the driving force behind these videos!  Thank YOU! 

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