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COVID-19 Update- How does this affect us?

Hey Guys! This is one post I really struggled with. Where do I start? In this week's episode, we discuss COVID-19 and how that has impacted our lives and plans. First and foremost, we are so saddened hearing about the losses all over the world and growing more alarmed with the number of confirmed cases all around us. We are in a unique situation where we are sandwiched between 2 hotspot States (Washington and California) both of which are on "Safe at Home" orders. Oregon has also taken measures so their numbers don't grow by implementing the same orders. We are doing ok and our daily life hasn't changed as drastically as others. We are lucky enough to work from home, Emma is homeschooled and our boat is our own self isolating island. We are fully provisioned to be able to be off grid for at least 2 months before we even have to restock. Teal can still fish if needed and I can grow my spouts. We also are already set up to produce enough power through our solar panels to run our systems. That being said, even if we can move further South, is it the best and smartest move right now? The next Port of Call as well as the next few Ports are requiring us to obtain permission prior to going in. Even if they said we can, the question we ask ourselves is should we? Since California is a hotspot with a growing number of confirmed cases everyday, why would we risk going there right now and what is our plans after we get there? Mexico will still be there as well as the next destination. Why not wait it out right where we are now? I didn't have to think too hard on this decision. Teal is in a higher risk group and has always struggled with strep throat as well as bronchitis. We are usually all in great shape and health, but that doesn't mean we can't contract this virus. There are no guarantees in life, but this is a no brainer. Stay put, keep your family safe and out of harm's way if you can. Here are a few positives I am drawing from this though.

1. I have my husband, child and dog with me.

2. I got to re-inventory,re-evaluate and reorganize my pantry;

3. I have been reaching out to family and friends more often and frequently through phone calls and video chats to connect.

4. My fridge is CLEAN!

5. Doing our part to flatten the curve so we can get back to normal living.

6. My baby sister just had her baby girl yesterday (both mom and baby are healthy & safe at home.)

7. Compass has paid no attention to our social distancing rule and giving all of us extra snuggles and love.

8. My family and friends love me and I love them in return.

9. We are currently safe where we are at.

10. I have a GREAT life and am very blessed.

Please be safe, kind to one another and healthy and we will see you all next week! XO Linh

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