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Meet The Crew

Teal Goben

Born: Snoqualmie, WA
Previous Occupation: Owner Millwork Supply Co., Goben Construction, Operations Manager
Sailing Experience: Since 1978
Interests and Hobbies: Sailing, travel, building and refitting boats, creating artwork and sculptures
Nationality: American

Linh Goben

Born: Refugee Camp Pulau Bidong, Malaysia
Previous Occupation: Escrow and Title
Sailing Experience: Since 1999
Interests and Hobbies: Travel, cooking, food, music,  reading, and exploring different cultures
Nationality: Vietnamese American

Emma Goben

Born: Ellensburg, WA
Sailing Experience:  Since 2010
Interest and Hobbies: Travel, drawing, swimming, fishing, violin, video games


Born: Washington
Occupation: Security
Sailing Experience: Since being adopted by the Crew of basik at 4 months old
Interests and Hobbies: Sleeping, eating, barking, and terrorizing anything that moves.
Nationality: Yorkshire Terrier (Terror)

SV basik FAQ

Built in 1993

Designer/Builder: Jace Hobbs

Mastermold Composite Services

Displacement:  8,500 lbs    3860 kg

Overall Length: 43'6"     13.27m

Waterline Length:  41'0"   12.51m

Bridgedeck Length:  27'3"  8.30m

Bridgedeck Clearance  2'3"  .71m

Beam 25'  7.62m

Draft (boards up)  2'2"  0.61m

Draft (boards down)  6'0"  1.83m​

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