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Learning from the Master Rigger

This week's video delves us further into John's assessment of our rigging and the guys start talking the nuances of inversion as well as how we can optimize and improve our sail plan. I got a kick out of listening to them go back and forth, bouncing ideas off of one another and seeing the excitement they were stirring up. John was ready to get going on changing things up right away! Lol (If only that was the case!) This gave us a great starting point on our plans to update our rig. Everything that John said made so much sense to Teal and it's a comforting feeling to have your ideas and designed confirmed by an expert. After the inspection, we gave John and Erik (his right hand man) a tour of our interior and they were impressed with our layout, design and build. John jokingly said if Teal needed a job in the boat manufacturing/design field, he could make a call right then and there. He was really impressed with Teal's building techniques and said our layout made sense. He especially loved our head up in the cabin design. Now that we ran through all the options on walkthrough, Teal was tasked to make a list and take notes on every item we will need in order to make this happen. After that, I get to start my research online and start making calls to source what we need and also compare the pricing. We all know boating is not cheap and this is a very important piece to the puzzle so we can't afford to cut corners. Having said that, it is also sensible to price compare as well. I have learned over the years not to impulse buy and thinking ahead of our projects allows us to get the best pricing instead of the last resort/minute purchase. Once we have an idea of the costs of everything, we will work up a budget and start tackling these projects in phases. One thing I can't handle is clutter and stepping over piles of projects onboard. We are already limited in space and the worse feeling for me is staring at those uncompleted piles at the end of the day. Maybe some of Teal's OCD has rubbed off on me, I don't know. Lol Our situation is the same as most traveling boats in that we can only carry so much at a time. We don't have use of our bilges since they are taken up by our fuel and water tanks. What you see is what you get and we have to also be aware of our weight. We have become pretty good at getting rid of something in order to gain something. Moving back on track, this will be a great start to our sail plans. The whole crew is excited to get started, Compass too. 😊😊😊😊

My only regret was not having enough time to treat John and his crew to dinner on basik before they casted off on their 10-12 day passage to Hawaii. Another example of good people wherever we go. 💗💗💗

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