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Cabin FEVER has hit an all time HIGH on SV basik!

Hey Guys! Sorry I missed a few entries. It has been a weird few weeks and I was just in a funk. Call it writer's block, I'm guilty 🙋‍♀️. This last video, Emma our 12 year old daughter decided to take over and give you guys her perspective of what we/she have been going through. Are we on the brink of insanity and driving each other crazy? Teal and Emma may say that about me, (haha) but in all seriousness, there have been times where we all were feeling a little stir crazy. Should we use this time as an opportunity to regroup and count our blessings and understand this is really a time when we should calm down, regroup and take things one day at a time? I would like to think so. Often I feel like we are wired to constantly be on the go and never schedule in quality family time and moments of doing nothing because we tend to feel guilty. This pandemic has forced us into a new world of social distancing and alternative ways of connection. Obviously, I hope this starts to flatten and we can resume a new normal with more travel and sailing in our near future, but I also have to prepare us for a worst case scenario as well. Ok, subject change........Emma and Teal's PI Challenge. OMG, that was insane! I am not a numbers girl. I actually will only do math when I have to which since I am no longer in Escrow, I don't. Lol. Emma and Teal are a different matter. They love it and Emma was bound and determined to beat her Dad. When he knew she was aiming to challenge him (she practices out loud and doesn't think we can hear her 🤫🤫.) He learned a few more numbers just to get her. The look on her face was priceless! After that, it was ON for Emma. She got more secretive with her practice time. Teal and I like to challenge her to best us and try not to give her a handicap because this allows her to push further. Sometimes having an only child is hard because they don't have a sounding board for their feelings and sibling rivalry to push harder. Emma has been spending her quarantine time with schoolwork. reading, movies, drawing (she is obsessed with digital artwork and is really good!), eating...lots and lots of eat

ing, playing with Compass and lots card games with us. Teal and I have been drawing straws on who has to play Chess with her because she is really good and no parents wants their butts handed to them by their kid. Overall we are handing in there and making the best of not great situation. We feel very grateful and blessed that we are all well, healthy and together and hope we are able to resume our course in the near future.

Wasn't the Emma and Compass Duet of the Adams Family song the cutest?!

Anyways, we have so much exciting NEWS to share with you all in our next video so tune in this Friday! Stay safe!



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