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  • Linh Goben

What a View! Small town did NOT Disappoint!

It's so funny how after looking back at our logbook, the last time Teal and I stopped in Ilwaco, WA was almost 20 years ago and we didn't even stay an entire 24 hrs. We just pulled in for the night and left early the next morning for our next Port. This time we were excited to take in the sights and see what this cute sleepy town had to offer. After getting a few chores completed onboard basik, we decided a long hike was in order to stretch our legs. There was two lighthouses (Cape Disappointment Lighthouse and North Head Lighthouse) to see with long windy trails to both of them as well as the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center. The crew thought this would be a 5-7 mi (8.04-11.26 km) hike so we headed out, eager to get going. 12.5 mi (20.11 km) later, we returned back to basik thoroughly exhausted and hungry. Lol Lesson learned, always overestimate the time and pack more snacks! Staying a few days here made us realized how many places we tend to overlook for the flashier more visited locations. The people here were so friendly and helpful and we would have missed out on these spectacular views and the rich history Ilwaco has to offer. Oh, and did I forget to tell you the look on Teal's face when he and Emma tried to peek inside a large tree only to hear a Growl coming from within.

That was priceless. I just wished I had filmed it.

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