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What are we eating?

Wow, what can I say. This was a pretty fun week. Not only was it a short trip across the Columbia River, but we crossed state lines and enter into Oregon. We initially wanted to stay in Warrenton, OR because of Fort Stevens, many stores to provision and of course we wanted to take Emma ziplining, but they didn’t have accommodations to handle our beam (25"‘). Our departure from Ilwaco, WA was uneventful, but so COLD! It was frigid and the wind was straight in our face! Why does that always happen right? Lol After getting settled into Astoria West Mooring Basin Marina, Teal updates our logbook entry and I get the lay of the land. One thing I was excited about was to get cooking. I know, shocker. Right before we departed Westport, we took a quick trip to see Teal’s 95 year old grandmother who lives in Eastern Washington as well as caught up with friends. We also made a stop at our favorite butcher Owens Meats on our way back to SV bāsik. They happen to be fans of our channel and gifted us with some premium prime rib eye steaks….ummmm YUM! So I cooked up three different meals for the crew with the prime rib eye steaks as the star. Needless to say, we had a great time during these meals and nobody left hungry. Now it was time to start exploring. As Emma’s teachers, Teal and I always try to find new ways to perk Emma’s interest and keep all of us motivated with her studies. She has become quite the history buff and has recently been obsessed with our War history and the battles of the past. The Columbia River Maritime Museum just happens to be a mile and the half from us so we walked over there and boy were we impressed. We always knew this was an area that was rich in history, but we had no idea how rich it was. This is definitely a must go see. Astoria is a great place to visit and we are excited to explore more of it. Oh, and did you know the Goonies was filmed here?

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